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The Marathon

I recently completed my first marathon, and I wanted to share my experience and the emotions that accompanied this journey.

Last year, one of my goals for 2024 was to run a half marathon. When I was about to register, a friend encouraged me to aim higher and run a full marathon with her. Initially, I hesitated because I didn't consider myself a runner, just someone who enjoys running. However, she said to me, "If our goal scares us a little, I think we are on the right track." Motivated by her words, I decided to challenge myself and registered for the full marathon.

After registering, I shared the news with my family and friends. Their response was encouraging, yet subtly conveyed their doubts about my ability to finish the race. They told me it was okay if I couldn't complete it, which I took as a challenge to prove them wrong.

I immediately started training, it was January, we had four months to train. We began with 5k runs and gradually increased the distance each week. Everything went smoothly until we hit the 20k mark. Overcoming that distance was a significant hurdle, and I started to doubt my ability to complete the marathon. The idea of adding another 22k seemed almost impossible. However, I refused to give up. I ought to believe in myself and continued training diligently. A month before the marathon, I successfully ran 30k, which boosted my confidence. Although I wished for an extra month of training to feel more prepared, I focused on tapering down my training as the big day approached.

On race day, standing at the starting line, I reminded myself to maintain my own pace. It's easy to get caught up in the momentum of other runners, but I knew I had to run ay my own pace in order to finish successfully. The first 22k went well, but then I realized I was one of the slower runners and found myself alone. The loneliness and lack of motivation from 22k to 30k marks were challenging. All I had at those moments was my own voice and myself. I had to rely on my inner strength, constantly reminding myself, "You run at your own pace and you are running strong."

This experience mirrored my artistic journey. I've never considered myself a naturally gifted artist; I have to work very hard. Often, I wonder if I could achieve more if I could solely focus on art. The path has been lonely and filled with self-doubt, making me feel inadequate, especially when I compare myself with all other fellow artists who are doing so great. As a pessimist striving to think positively, the uncertainty of the future often tempts me to give up.

But hey! "If our goal scares us a little, I think we are on the right track." My first marathon reminds me that all I need to do is keep going at my own pace and give my best effort. In doing so, I will cross the finish line and finish strong.

However, I hope that in this race of life, I am not alone and that I have not only myself but also my Saviour and His voice, because hearing only my own can be daunting. Lord, please show me my next step. Assure me that I am on the right track and doing the right thing.


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