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Dear Friend

It's been a long while…

I started this blog because my dear friend was the one who started writing first and encouraged me to do the same. She was a special friend who was also an artist. We were very good friends and along our artistic journey, we supported, inspired, and helped each other. We often shared our findings and insights. Our conversations were pure, no jargon or disguise, we simply shared ourselves as emerging artists and as striving human beings. We didn't have to feel ashamed about being where we were. Her husband often said I was her girlfriend, but to me, she was more like an older sister, probably because she was my good friend's sister.

As adventurous as she always was, she recently embarked on a new adventure somewhere in this universe. I didn't realize how much she meant to me until after her departure. I miss being able to talk to her whenever I needed and wanted. Now I am alone on this artistic path, and I am suddenly scared to continue. I no longer know how to walk this path. These days when I make art, the only one I think of is her, and I wonder where she is now. Where are you now, my dear friend? I hope you are in the most beautiful place where only Love exists.

One day, we'll meet again, under the sun or the rain, Together we'll sail, and dream big once again. Till then, I'll cherish our memories and hold them close. For in my heart, you'll always be, like a precious rose. My dear lovely friend.


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