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It's ok to be not ok

Every morning on my way to work, I listen to the news on the radio. Do you feel uneasy knowing the world? I usually start my day being ok and then I feel so helpless everytime after I listen to what’s going on around the globe. We could dream about how we want this world to be, but is there hope? As a Christian myself, I probably should have hope… but living in reality, I cannot connect all the dots to “hope”. When one thing seems to be solved, or when one bad thing seems to have a glimpse of being changed, I doubt whether it would change for the better? We wish this XXX politician or that XXX leader would quit or got fired, but will the next one be better? etc etc. Almost every morning, my thoughts turn into a downward spiral going to a black hole where I would melt in the lava of helplessness.

I am probably not the only one, sometimes I wish there was a reset button so that we can reset the world back to the most primitive one - where an apple is enough, a leaf is enough, a flower is enough, a droplet of water is enough.

I apologize for this post… I hesitated whether or not to post this blog, but I also want to remind myself that it is ok to be NOT ok. I don’t mean to spread negativity, in contrast, how I wish I ONLY spread love - LOVE alone. Or… how I wish I could only see love. I have this illustration I did on my phone for a few years. Every once in a while, I look at it to remind myself that this world needs love, we all do!

Every Child Deserves A Future by Yiting Hui

It’s ironic that the pandemic had probably shut down our daily activities for a couple years, it was almost like an alarm to all of us to reconsider how we would like to live. Now, we seem to be going back to “normal”, I realized that our mindsets have not been reset after all - we still run on the treadmill like little hamsters everyday. I once imagined going to space for a month, letting tranquility and solitude sing me a beautiful song of the truths, then maybe something would change in me. Do you want to come with me?

WIP by Yiting Hui


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