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Yiting Hui, born in Hong Kong, now resides in Canada.


Yiting is a nature-inspired artist and storyteller who captivates with the enchanting magic of everyday beauty.

Hui earned her Master's degree in Architecture from McGill University and has since embarked on a dual path, practicing as an Architectural Designer while also dedicating herself to the pursuit of art. Combining her sensitivity to design and her passion for art and illustration, she has gained recognition for her mural commissions and participation in public art projects in Alberta.

With the Japanese anime and Hong Kong comic influence, Yiting's art exudes a whimsical charm and a sense of illusion.

The quiet competency and the tranquil power of nature are Hui’s biggest motto. Through her creative practice, she is interested in investigating the power of visual storytelling. She seeks to craft works that resonate deeply with the viewer's heart, much like the silent language of nature itself. While her most used mediums are watercolour and acrylic, Yiting is currently venturing into ceramics as another avenue for expressing her artistic vision.

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