Yiting Hui is an artist / illustrator based in Calgary, Canada. Yiting’s professional background is Architecture, combining her sensitivity to design and her passion for art and illustration, she began to work as a freelance artist in 2017. With her style, Yiting got commissioned to do various creative projects as well as to paint murals for both commercial and private clients. She has been selected for several public art projects in Alberta.

“What is essential is invisible to the eye”; this quote from her favourite book continues to remind her to listen and observe with her heart more than to speak, her inspirations draw from paying attention to the simple things in life, nature, listening to people and stories around her. As a visual artist, it is Yiting’s passion to use visual arts to tell a story - revealing the magic of the beautiful ordinary.

Yiting is passionate about seeking for new inspirations and artistic opportunities. Her works have children’s imagery and whimsical qualities to them; her style continues to evolve as she grows in her artistic path, with an unchanging vision to create artworks that would arouse one’s imagination as a child – simple yet magical.

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