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Yiting Hui, born in Hong Kong, now resides in Calgary, Canada.


Yiting is an artist deeply inspired by both the majesty and the delicacy of nature, and a storyteller with a passion to reveal the magic of the beautiful ordinary.

Yiting's professional background is Architecture, combining her sensitivity to design and her passion for art and illustration, she began her artistic journey in 2017. Since then, she has been invited to commission various mural works, and she has been selected for several public art projects in Alberta.

Her inspirations draw from paying attention to the simplest things in life, nature, people and stories around her. With the Japanese amine and Hong Kong comic influence, her works have whimsical qualities and illustrative style to them. As a visual artist, Yiting strives to create works, like nature, that would “silently” tell a story that awaken one’s imagination as a child – simple yet magical.

Finally, a little more about Yiting, making pottery is her way to escape into a silent world where she can hear the air moves.

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