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Let My Works Find Me An Answer

I don't think about art when I am working I think about life. - Jean-Michel Basquiat

When I do the above, my works show the difference. For me, Art is a form of expression as well as a process of exploring life and finding answers. Then like many things in life, Art also happens when we don’t think about anything at all. Often, my work from years ago gives me the very comfort I need at the present. I sometimes think God intentionally prepares the past me to speak to the present me.

I was born in Hong Kong, I immigrated to Canada with my family when I was 12. As an immigrant in Canada, I continue to contemplate on “where is my home” while finding a representation of my identity. I am constantly searching for the meaning of “home” - culturally, physically and artistically - where or what is home to me? It is surprising to realize that, in the process of searching, I go from looking for “what is home?” to “who am I?” Home means to be where it brings me peace and tranquility, instead of seeking out there for a “place”, I search inside myself what restores my peace.

A Glimpse Of...

The question “who am I” has since become the starting point when I work. Sometimes I choose to let whatever creation that comes out of myself tell me the answer, and most of the time, these are usually the pieces that speak the most to myself - they are able to tell me what is truly inside my soul at that moment. When confused and lost, I’ve learnt to dig within, perhaps that is where we will find an answer and the peace.


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