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What Friendship Means

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great break!

What did you do during the holidays? Couple of my friends visited me from Vancouver, we had so much fun! One day we went outdoor skating. There were also ice bikes for rental in the park, we thought we would try that out. We rented 1 ice bike and 2 skates so one of the friends and I who know how to skate could have fun skating and enjoy the speed. Apparently the ice bike is very slow and it takes much effort to make it slide on the ice. My friend who was biking tried very hard to step on the pedals, after 10 minutes, she was already very tired but the bike didn’t go too far. I helped her by pushing her from the back so that she could go to the other side of the lake with us. It was fun pushing her though it was tiring, and after a while when my friend got the energy back, she would tell me she could pick it up by herself again, then I let go. When she got tired, I pushed her again. When I was tired, the other friend would help pushing, and then the friend on bike would do it on her own again…. we kept on rotating, AND there we reached our destination!

Isn’t this the perfect picture of how friends are meant to be? When one is tired or needs help, the other helps. No one leaves anyone behind. No one takes advantage of the others by getting help forever. The happiest part is to do something together no matter what the process takes, the best part is getting to the destination together.

I am forever grateful for the friendship between us.

So now we have stepped into 2023, a long and exciting journey ahead of us. We won’t know how things will turn out, but I know I will be ok because I have these ladies’ back!

Lunar New Year is just around the corner, I wish you all great health and happiness. Let's continue to spread love in the new year to come!

Please comment below to share with me your precious memories with your dear friends, I would loveeee to hear them!


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