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You Ain't Heavy - Art Print

All the loving people I encounter during this time of pandemic inspire this piece. No doubt, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but I am glad that it is exactly when we see human love and caring is so real and important. We are all facing different challenges during this time, we may not be able to understand others’ feeling and situation completely, but many people do not hesitate to stretch their helping hands wherever they can – may it be something big or small. 


We all play a different role in this world, big or small, together we can make what seems impossible, possible. How could a little bird lift an elephant out from the storm? It may be impossible for one bird, but it could be possible when she teams up with other little animals.


Then this song “He Ain’t Heavy, He is my Brother” popped into my mind.


I once heard this beautiful story about how these words originated. Back in 1918, a boy named Howard Loomis was abandoned by his mother at Father Flanagan’s Home for Boys. Howard had polio and wore heavy leg braces. Walking was difficult for him, especially when he had to go up or down steps. There, several of the Home’s older boys were carrying Howard up and down the stairs. One day, Father Flanagan asked one of those older boys, if carrying Howard was hard.


The boy replied, “He ain’t heavy, Father… he’s my brother.”


When we love, we can. Together, we create a beautiful picture.

You Ain't Heavy - Art Print

  • Artwork by Yiting Hui

    - Each print will be signed
    - Art print size: 8"x10" or 11"x14"
    - Art print comes unframed
    - Artwork is printed on fine art textured paper.
    - Each print comes in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard to ensure shipment in good condition.

  • Giving back is the heart of Yiting Creatives

    By purchasing this item, you are contributing towards a specific cause in our community and our world. Every year, a charitable / non profit orgnization is selected, to whom a portion of our profits will be donated. {more details}
    ♡Thank you for being part of this ♡

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