Rejoice - 8x10 Art Print

Dance no matter what's happening around you and no matter where you are! Dance as if no one watching! Dance freely! There is a myth saying goldfish memory spans are just 3 seconds; I thought: how wonderful that is! Let go so we can be FREE and DANCE !!! Have you ever tried to float on water ? Our mind and body could be THAT light, how I enjoy that feeling.


Rejoice - 8x10 Art Print

  • Artwork by Yiting Hui

    - Each print will be signed
    - Art print size: 10"x8"
    - Art print comes unframed
    - Artwork is printed on fine art textured paper.
    - Each print comes in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard to ensure shipment in good condition.

© 2020 YiTing Hui. All rights reserved 

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