Enchanted Garden | Hope - 8x10 Art Print

Gardens always give me a feeling that is full of energy, they feel very calm but full of life. Have you ever imagined what a garden is like at 2:23 in the morning while most of us are sleeping deeply?

Who is awake in the garden?

What are they doing?



This piece is inspired by a song called "There is a Hope" by Stuart Townend

The beginning of the song goes like this:

There is a hope that burns within my heart

That gives me strength for every passing day

A glimpse of glory now revealed in meagre part

Yet drives all doubt away


In an enchanted garden, we may feel lost sometimes. When in doubt, do not forget that "there is a hope". Wait patiently and silently, we will find it with our hearts. "The essential is invisible to the eyes"

Enchanted Garden | Hope - 8x10 Art Print

  • Artwork by Yiting Hui

    - Art print size: 8"x10"
    - Artwork is printed on 110lb cardstock paper.
    - Each print comes in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard to ensure shipment in good condition.

    - Watermark will not appear on the actual print.

    - Artprint will be signed by the Artist.

© 2020 YiTing Hui. All rights reserved 

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