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Elephant & I - 8x10 Art Print

This piece was created for Leighton Art Centre's movement "ArtForHearts", the original was sent to seniors who are isolated due to COVID-19. It was also coincidentally created on Earth Day, which resonates with the meaning behind this piece. Let's not forget how interconnected we are and everything is on Earth. I believe that when we love, there is hope. 

Elephant & I - 8x10 Art Print

  • Artwork by Yiting Hui
    - Each print will be signed
    - Art print size: 10"x8"
    - Art print comes unframed
    - Artwork is printed on fine art textured paper.
    - Each print comes in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard to ensure shipment in good condition.

  • Giving back is the heart of Yiting Creatives

    By purchasing this item, you are contributing towards a specific cause in our community and our world. Every year, a charitable / non profit orgnization is selected, to whom a portion of our profits will be donated. {more details}
    ♡Thank you for being part of this ♡

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