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Enchanted Garden | Time - Art Print

Gardens always give me a feeling that is full of energy, they feel very calm but full of life. Have you ever imagined what a garden is like at 2:23 in the morning while most of us are sleeping deeply?

Who is awake in the garden?

What are they doing?


“Enchanted Garden – Time”

Time feels slow, time feels fast – depending on what we are doing or whom we are with at the moment. (ah! but time is constant)

Have you tried to grasp time or hoped that it would stopped for a moment or two? (ah! but time is intangible and uncontrollable)

We have watches as if we can see time, though it is merely an idea.

So we may ask what is time, or perhaps the more critical question is “when has time become essential to me?” "now?"

Enchanted Garden | Time - Art Print

  • Artwork by Yiting Hui

    - Each print will be signed
    - Art print size: 8"x10" or 11"x14"
    - Art print comes unframed
    - Artwork is printed on 110lbs cardstock paper
    - Each print comes in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard to ensure shipment in good condition.

  • Giving back is the heart of Yiting Creatives

    By purchasing this item, you are contributing towards a specific cause in our community and our world. Every year, a charitable / non profit orgnization is selected, to whom a portion of our profits will be donated. {more details}
    ♡Thank you for being part of this ♡

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