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About The Mural
Thank you Alliance of Calgary Community Ethnic Support Society (ACCESS) & Calgary Arts Development Authority for making this mural possible.

Food / Feast is important in Chinese culture, in fact this is true for any Asian culture. In Asia, to greet someone, instead of asking “how are you?”, people ask “have you eaten yet?” Back in the days, being able to have enough to eat and wear is the most precious thing for the family. Nowadays, food has become what brings family and friends together, and where relationships are built on.



In this mural, I would love to use food as a whimsical way to tell a story about our culture and history in Canada. As an immigrant from Hong Kong to Canada, like many other immigrants, we have our own cultural roots in us, yet we also have the Canadian influence deep within us. The very similar goes with food, a lot of famous Asian dishes are influenced and originated from the West; likewise many Western dishes are inspired by Asian cuisine. Just to give a few examples: Hong Kong milk tea was originated from English afternoon tea; eggs tarts are inspired by British custard tart and Portuguese pastry; ravioli has much similarity to Chinese dumpling, however a theory believes that dumplings are originated from Middle East; Vietnamese subs are inspired by French Baguettes and Vietnamese coffee by coffee from France. All these examples constantly remind me of how interconnected we all are in this world: 


“we are all different, yet the same”.

As an immigrant in Canada, I continually contemplate on how my roots intertwine with my new life in Canada and the Western culture. This mural is a one-page story book that whimsically talks a little about us as immigrants in Canada as well as us in this world.


Thank you for reading along!
To know more about the artist: [HERE]

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