Tobe @ Tobe & Friends (Regular size) - Plushy

"Tobe and Friends" Illustrated plushies
100% handmade - original artworks by Yiting Hui



Tobe, Agnes and Howie all live in Forêt de Champignon.

Tobe loves eating kiwis and his favorite Cubaba is Mr. Pupsi. He always have him by his side :) He loves sleeping and he also loves exploring every little thing in Forêt de Champignon with his good friend, Agnes.


Tobe @ Tobe & Friends (Regular size) - Plushy

  • Regular size: Approx. 8 inches tall


    You also have an option to add scent to the plushies! We have 2 scents:
    (1) lavender (we use REAL lavender buds!)
    (2) cedarwood & chamomile (we use REAL cedarwood ball and dried chamomile flowers!)


    They will fill the space with the calming aroma of natural lavender or cedarwood & chamomile! Perfect to hang on the stroller, crib, baby seat or to be placed in the nursery room. I also place them in my office to keep me calm while working during the day. 

    They are great to look at as well as a pleasure to smell!


    ***If you choose to add the scent, please indicate which scent you wold like to add in the note when checking out.

  • Giving back is the heart of Yiting Creatives

    By purchasing this item, you are contributing towards a specific cause in our community and our world. Every year, a charitable / non profit orgnization is selected, to whom a portion of our profits will be donated. {more details}
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